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Mark free technology holds securely for up to 2 hours without leaving a mark on walls. Visual level indicator automatically changes bubble vial color from red (not level) to green (level). Audio signal aids in accurate leveling when out of sight. Magnetic attachment allows you to flip unit to project laser line to the left or right. Includes 2 AAA batteries, laser level and suction cup wall mount. Projects horizontal and vertical laser chalk Line on surfaces in applications such as floors, tiles, paneling, wall fixtures, wallpapering, stencilling, wainscoting, finish carpentry, outlet switches, lighting fixtures, wall studs, partitions. Alignment guide for 90 degree layout helps you calculate and turn angles in 5 degree increments. Simple one button operation powers two perpendicular laser lines (90 degrees) on and off. Easy to press push button secures unit to smooth surfaces using non-abrasive adhesive. Specs: two (2) bubble vials for leveling and aligning laser tool. Includes: (1 set) adhesive mounting strips Industry standard 5/8" x 11" mounting threads. Use as a lightweight, yet sturdy, base for your laser level. Hollow for optical and laser plummet instruments, flat head design makes setup fast, plumb bob hook, Quick clamp, and hinge stops. Electrostatically powder painted castings for a durable and long-lasting finish. Extension legs adjust quickly and securely, 63"H open, 38"H closed. Heavy-duty poly-webbing shoulder strap.
Two tools in one to simplify hanging and mounting projects. Levels automatically for precise results. Projects horizontal level line. Stud sensor detects wood and metal studs plus live A/C wires. Includes:  protective storage case and batteries. Tripod features a lightweight, yet heavy gauge aluminum design with electrostatic powder painted casting for a durable and long lasting finish. Double banded legs provide stability. Positive locking quick clamp holds level in place. Ideal for use in the field with optical or laser levels. Manual level in horizontal and vertical planes, with accuracy of 1/8" at 30 feet, simultaneous 90 degree split beam in vertical mode, illuminated vials for easy reading in all conditions, variable rotation speed 0 to 600 RPM, easy to setup and operate. Includes: manual-leveling rotary laser level with adjustable base and mounting bracket, elevating tripod, instruction manual, tinted glasses, hard-shell carrying case.
Highly visible plumb point projection for leveling, plumbing up and other layout and alignment tasks. Integrated reference lines, built in magnets, ergonomic over-molded housing, easy access battery compartment, snd automatic out-of-level sensing. Over-the-track application design. Specs: accuracy up to plus/minus 1/8" at 50' (plumb up) or up to plus/minus 1/4" at 10' (plumb down).  laser diode class IIM 650nm, less than or equal to 1 mW. self leveling up to 5 degrees, mount threading 1/4-20, operating temperature: 32 degrees F/0 degrees C-104 degrees F/40 degree C, range up to 30-ft, weighs 1.2 lbs. Includes: (1) belt pouch. Projects 90 degree lines for squaring, with laser lines positioned in front of laser base for easy centering over point and precise adjustment. Bright highly visible laser lines raise from the surface to project over uneven surfaces and are clear, sharp and very precise for all tile and wall/floor cover surfaces. Water and dustproof to ensure years of dependable operation (certified at IP54). Strong magnets on bottom of tool provide secure attachment on positioning plate and other ferrous metal surfaces. Self-level cross line laser. Compact size with high performance. Ideal tool for a wide range of jobs, including contractors, carpenters, electricians and plumbers involved in layout and installation as well as those working on tile installation, floor installation, paneling and wainscoting and room layout and drapery.
Integrated reference lines, easy field recalibration and easy access battery compartment. Smart pendulum leveling system. Position and mount with magnets, strap or threaded mounts (1/4-20, 5/8-11). Specs: accuracy up to plus/minus 1/4" at 100', dimensions 4.125" x 3.125" x 1.625", laser diode class II 635 nm, less than or equal to 1 mw, self-leveling up to 5 degrees, mount threading 1/4-20, range up to 100', weight 1.0 lb. Includes: (1) multipurpose attachment, (1) recalibration wrench, (3) AA 1.5V batteries, (1) mounting strap, (1) carrying pouch fits on tool belt. Complete manual leveling laser level package for leveling, plumbing and alignment applications. Dual beam with 2 speed rotation, spot mode, and short and long sweep modes. Can be used to find horizontals, verticals, plumb, and square. One button operation controls several laser functions, shot and long sweep modes create a laser chalklilne to increase beam visibility. Specs: two (2) rotation speeds (150 and 600 rpm), spot mode, long and short sweep modes, and an LED low battery indicator, 1 4" at 100' leveling accuracy, with a working range of 2000' diameter with laser detector; 650nm visible red beam. Weighs 26 pounds. Includes: laser level, batteries, laser detector and clamp, wall ceiling mount, magnetic grid target, carrying case, tripod, rod and owner's manual. A horizontal and vertical dual beam single slope interior and exterior rotary laser that delivers professional performance at an affordable price; ideal for exterior and interior general construction and aligning jobs such as grading, concrete forms and pads, site prep and elevation transfer as well as interior jobs such as building partitions, drop ceilings, electrical installation and other alignment jobs; includes: remote control, RD1 detector with bracket, laser glasses, magnetic target, adjustable wall mount, batteries, aluminum tripod, 8-feet leveling rod and a carrying case.