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Preset/Slide-to-Off standard replacement knob. Preset/Slide-to-Off standard replacement knob.
Fits standard .550" X 1.125" panel cutouts. Economy spade terminal type. Designed for machinery or appliances.
Fits standard .550" X 1.125" panel cutouts. Economy spade terminal type. Designed for machinery or appliances. Heavy-duty spade type terminal. Fits .830" x 1.45" panel cut-outs. Frame and rocker are black glass-filled nylon. Red lighted.
Toggles On/Off. Rated 125 volt, .3 watt. Red lens. Toggles On/Off.
Toggles On/Off. For most residential wiring. For most residential wiring.
Toggles On/Off. Toggles On/Off. For pole barns.
Toggles On/Off. Toggles On/Off. Toggles On/Off.
Toggles On/Off.
Indoor wireless remote and plug-in receiver kit. Wireless radio frequency remote control adds switched outlet convenience without wiring or the need for an electrician. Plug lamp into the receiver and the receiver into any outlet. A press of the handheld transmitter button turns whatever is plugged into receiver on or off. Works with incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. Plastic housing. 240 watts tungsten load. 8 amps maximum load resistive. 120 volts. 3.85" x 2.5" x 1.5". Switch only operates when finger pressure is applied. Thermoplastic rocker, top and backbody are virtually unbreakable. Industrial design cam action mechanism for quiet operation. Longer, wider strap provides more contact area to wall board, virtually eliminates floating installations. Built in wire stripper for number 12 and number 14 wire.
No wiring needed, Plug Receiver into any standard outlet, Plug a lamp into the receiver, Mount the motion sensor within 100 foot operating range. Detected motion will signal lamp to turn on. Automatic switch, on when door is open, off when closed. 3.94" x 1.25" x 1.25". 6" wire leads with female disconnects: #18 AWG - FT1, stripped 0.50". Brass-toned faceplate 1.25" wide. Includes steel switch box with 4 knock outs. 125/277 volts AC, 1/3 HP.
Push button switch with metal box, cover plate and mounting hardware to operate lights when door is opened. Mounts in door jam. Fits in 1.25" x 2.75" x 2.0" deep, approximate mounting hole. 6" wire leads. Lighting control: 16 amp at 125 volts AC, 10 amp at 250 volts AC, 10 amp at 277 volts AC. Mechanical control: 1/2 HP at 125 - 277 volts AC. Normally on - grounded. Operate up to 3 different home appliances from across the room, or another area of the house, using one remote control. The signal from the remote control travels through walls and other obstacles up to 40'. Includes 3 separate receivers for the wireless operation of 3 different appliances at once. Use in one room or multiple locations. Use to turn on lamps, activate holiday displays and operate electric fans. No tools are required for set up and a 12 volt battery is included. Ratings: 13 amp, 125 volt, 1625 watt resistive - 8 amp, 125 volt, 1000 watt Tungsten - 60Hz, 1/3 HP.