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Red and white trigger sprayer has a 9-3/4'' dip tube with a leak proof nozzle. Adjusts from full off to a focused stream to a fine, atomized mist. Designed for all varieties of commercial and industrial use. Bottle not included. Sprayer that covers your lawn and garden needs. Use for watering plants, spray insecticides and kill weeds. Bottle has graduation marks for exact measuring. Ribbed neck for easy handling and is ideal for indoor and outdoor needs. Multi-purpose sprayer is ideal for household, garden, ironing and personal use. Bottle has graduation marks for exact measuring and a ribbed neck for easy handling. Ideal for indoor and outdoor uses.
PET sprayer in assorted designer colors. Adjustable spray nozzle for multiple applications including watering plants, household cleaning, ironing and spritzing hair. Use for cleaners, pesticides, and liquids. Adjustable nozzle - mist, spray, stream. Heavier construction, extra long trigger and fully adjustable spray nozzle for the ideal industrial sprayer.
For multiple applications including watering plants, ironing and household cleaning. 3 pack of trigger spray bottles. Professional spray bottle. Use to apply cleaners, pesticides, and other liquids. Spray bottles can be filled with water, cleaning solutions and more. For kitchen, bathroom or cleanup area. Pack of 3 bottles.
Colorful spray bottle. Adjustable spray nozzle and hand tab for display and storage. For general household use. Three colors available. Natural colored spray bottle. Off set neck and molded-in graduations. Can be used with standard 28/400 size trigger sprayers (100.5032). Made of high density polyethylene.