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Helps build strong roots. Good for improving soil condition, aeration and drainage. Apply to garden and landscape beds prior to planting flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Not for container planting. Contains Peat moss plus, an organic wetting agent to aid in rewetting the peat moss. Ideal general purpose soil conditioner for acid loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, roses, conifers, heather and blueberries. Minimizes damaging nutrients loss by adding peat moss to your soil. Also helpful in seeding or repairing new and existing lawns. Stimulates root development, soil aeration and water retention. OMRI listed. Ideal for orchids, houseplants, hobbies and crafts. Can be used as a decorative soil cover. Helps retain moisture in soil. Comes in a convenient open/close bag.
Used to improve aeration and drainage. Moisture and nutrient retention, ideal for starting seeds, root cuttings or store bulbs. Can also be used for making Hyperfufa planters. Does not degrade over time. Helps lower soil pH for acid loving plants such as azaleas, camellias, gardenias, hemlock, hydrangeas, holly and more. Includes easy-to-follow chart. Works in all soil types. For use as a top dressing with soil to stimulate plant growth or as a soil amendment. Improves soil structure and increases microbial activity. Minerals and nutrients form earthworm castings are in a water-soluble form, making them readily available to plants. OMRI listed.
Soil conditioner. Helps prevent soil compaction. Improves aeration and drainage. Helps to promote root development. Can be mixed with Miracle-gro Sphagnum peat moss to create a soilless mix. Easy slide open/close bag.