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Red Dragon L-2001 Spark Lighter Flame Engineering HP Hose Assembly Flame Engineering SL-1C Hook-Up Kit
Red Dragon Spark Lighter, Red Dragon, Gaseous Fuel, 1500 Ignitions Per Flint, For Bunsen Burners and Oxyacetylene Welding Torches Flame Engineering Hose Assembly, Rubber, Flame Engineering, Series: HP, 1/4 in Nominal, 10 ft Length, MNPT End, 350 psi Working, UL Listed, For Liquid or Vapor Propane Flame Engineering Hook-Up Kit, Flame Engineering, Propane Fuel, 10 ft Hose
TORCH GARDEN OUTDOOR          Flame Engineering VT 1-32C Torch Kit TORCH VAPOR MINI 25000 BTU KIT
This self-lighting Mag-Torch outdoor garden torch is a versatile torch useful for a multitude of jobs around the yard. Can eliminate weeds without the use or need of chemicals. The 36" long reach fuel tube gives the user the ability to easily reach the ground, starting campfires and other outdoor fire pits with ease. In the winter this torch can be used to easily melt away ice and snow on the pathways, walkways and driveways. The "cane" shape and foam grip handle provide a comfortable grip for the user. Solid brass valve. Flame Engineering Torch Kit, Flame Engineering, 1 lb Fuel Cylinder, Adjustable Flame The Mini Dragon JR is the ultimate fire starter when connected to a standard 1 lb. cylinder. Its effectiveness with extreme convenience and portability allows for it to go anywhere. 25,000 BTU's of power allows for up to 2 hours of flaming time. 1-1/2" Torch Bell diameter. Fully assembled and easy to use. Cylinder Not Included. For outdoor use only.
Flame Engineering V-880PH-1 Squeeze Valve Red Dragon CD-100 Propane Cylinder Dolly
Flame Engineering Squeeze Valve, Brass, Flame Engineering, Suitable For Use With: SPA 1000 Modified Bitumen Applicator, Red Dragon Torch Kit, 350 lb Working Pressure, With Pilot and Handle, For Spot Weeding or Instances Red Dragon Propane Cylinder Dolly, Red Dragon, 100 lb Load Capacity, 2 Casters, 7 in Caster, Welded Tubular Steel Caster, Includes: Adjustable Tank Strap and 1/2 in Axle, For LP Gas Cylinders Upto 40 lb