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Two suction cups hold the feeder to the window. With the dish's low profile, songbirds will be as close as the window. Holds 1/2 cup of seed, mealworms or fruit. Drainage holes keep food dry. UV stabilized polycarbonate won't crack or yellow with age. Holds 1 cup of seed. Crystal clear design makes bird watching easier. Easy to fill and clean. Wide open compartment allows birds to have unfettered access to seed resting on the bottom. Attach to any window surface. Allows you to observe birds feeding up close. Use black oil sunflower or sunflower mixes.
Polycarbonate tube mounts to any window with 2 suction cups (included). Easy-fill, lift off cover with two feeding stations. Quick release tray saves seed and simplifies cleaning. 2-1/2"W x 8"L. The Observer Window Feeder's open, clean construction allows for unobstructed and up close views of birds as they feed. This feeder attaches securely to a window using 3 suction cups. It is constructed of a sturdy polycarbonate plastic that stands up to the elements and won't yellow with age. The 7" dish is suitable for offering seed, fruit, mealworms or suet. The tapered overhanging cover deflects weather and keeps large birds out. Made in the U.S.A. Black window mount bird feeder. Metal frame. Holds 6" tray for 2 cups of seed.
Allows you to observe birds feeding up close. Holds 1 qt. (1.1 lbs.) of Thistle or Finch mix. Attracts a variety of Finches. Clear plastic construction lets you watch birds as they feed. Holds up to 2 cups of bird seed. Tapered overhanging roof that deflects bad weather. Attach feeder to window  with included suction cups.