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For the beach, backyard and pool parties. For ages 3 and up. Made with 8 ga. vinyl. Two air chambers in each arm band. Arm bands helps young children gain confidence in the water and helps develop their swimming skills. For ages 3-6. Hose connector for 1-1/4'' or 1-1/2'' hose.
Standard replacement handle and pin for pool vacuum heads. Fits all standard pool poles. Quick drying material does not absorb water. Air bubble texture allows for greater air flow between material and body to regulate temperature. For ages 2-4 or up to 55 lbs. 6 gauge mat. Assorted colors.
1/2 ounce bottle of OTO and 1/2 ounce bottle of Phenol red solutions. For testing Bromine, pH levels and Chlorine. Replacement testing reagents for sku no. (135.0966). 36'' diameter. For ages 9 and up. Contains 1/2-oz.OTO and 1/2-oz. Phenol red solutions to test bromine, chlorine, and pH levels in the pool.
Over 100 square inches of transparent, pressure-sensitive patches that instantly mends either wet or dry surfaces. Repairs inflatable pools, toys and vinyl liners. Just peel off backing and apply. UV protection. Sleek design for performance. Hypoallergenic soft thermoplastic rubber eyecup for comfortable fit. Tinted lenses for extra style and better vision. Polycarbonate lens for safety. Assorted colors. For ages 10 and up. 7 gauge vinyl. Wave beam construction. 2 air chambers. Clear top with colored bottom. Assorted colors.
Fahrenheit or Celsius reading. 10'' long scoop thermometer with water pocket. Lowers the pH in spa water. Helps prevent scaling and cloudy water. Polycarbonate lens for safety. Hypoallergenic poly vinyl chloride skirt for comfortable fit. Poly vinyl chloride and rubber head strap for durability and easy adjustment. For ages 3-10. Assorted colors.
Sleek design with advanced racing dynamics. Silicon eyecups for high performance and ultra comfortable fit. Soft silicon head strap for high performance level of durability, comfort and easy adjustment. Anti-fog lenses with UV protection for professional swimmers. For ages 8 and up. Hypoallergenic thermoplastic rubber skirt for soft comfortable fit. Thermoplastic rubber head strap for durability, comfort and easy adjustment. Polycarbonate lens for safety. For ages 8 and up. Heavy-duty, one piece plastic frame.
Designed for efficiency. Inflates on both the up and down strokes. 3-interconnecting nozzles designed to fit the valves on common inflatables. Pump height 14''. Raises the pH in spa water. Guards against skin and eye irritation. Protects against corrosion of equipment and metal accessories. Prevents the water from becoming corrosive, irritating skin and damaging spas. Pool test kit contains 1/2 ounce bottle of OTO for chlorine test and 1/2 ounce bottle of Phenol red indicator solution for pH test. Easy to read test block. Comes in unbreakable storage case with instructions and color chart.
Adjustable ring controls the amount of chlorine to be dispensed into the pool. Holds 1'' and 3'' tablets. For pools and spas. Each strip tests for: Free chlorine, Bromine, pH, Total alkalinity and hardness. Contains 50 strips. Aluminum pole and durable net for surface cleaning. 5' over-all length.
Stylish single window with polycarbonate lens for safety. Soft hypoallergenic facial skirt. Soft flexible mouthpiece. Hi-flow snorkel. For ages 3-10. Durable, 18'' long wall brush with  long-lasting bristles. 10 gauge neon frosted vinyl mat. Built-in pillow chamber. Can be rolled up inflated when you're headed for the pool. Double sealed edges. Repair patch. Assorted colors.
One piece constructed plastic frame. Strong, structural molded leaf rake. Deep fine mesh bag handles big clean-ups and small debris. Quick to disconnect, fits most telescopic vacuum poles. Curved edges prevents damage to pool sides. 2 handles for stability. Includes repair patch. Increases calcium hardness for optimum water balance in pools. Helps prevent the corrosion of plaster finishes and helps keeps metal equipment from corroding.
Contemporary double window style with polycarbonate lens for safety. Thermoplastic rubber head strap for durability, comfort and easy adjustment. Hypoallergenic, thermoplastic rubber facial skirt. Soft flexible mouthpiece. For ages 8 and up. Wide head with steel bristles to remove tough algae in plaster pools. 1 piece die cast aluminum handle. Size 6''. Extension pole (NOT INCLUDED). Aluminum frame and handle with durable nylon reinforced net for surface cleaning.
Durable, long lasting poly-pro brush bristles. Metal back and handle. Heavy duty handles gives the rider a secure feeling. 2 air chambers for extra safety. Repair patch included. For ages 3 and up. Aluminum frame encased in plastic for bottom cleaning. Aluminum handle and durable deep reinforced bag.
12 gauge vinyl. 2 air chambers. Heavy duty handles for rough play. Fits up to 2 riders. Repair patch. For ages 3 and up. For 1" or 3" tablets. Foam-filled for added buoyancy. Adjustable chlorine delivery. Tests water for hardness, free available chlorine, total bromine, ph and total alkalinity. Contains 50 test strips.
For pools and spas. Just dip test strip in your pool or spa water for one second and remove. Strip gives instant results. Tests for free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, total akalinity, hardness and stabilizer (CYA). Contains 50 strips. Weighted rectangular vacuum with brushes and protective bumper around entire perimeter. Fits 1-1/4'' and 1-1/2'' vacuum hose and standard pool poles. Tests for pH, free available chlorine/bromine, total chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness and stabilizer. For use at poolside or with online water testing. Easy one-dip test.
No brushing needed. Yellow gone dissolves mustard, green, brown or pink algae. Safe for all pool surfaces including vinyl. Works well with salt water generation systems. Lightweight and collapsible. Specially treated U.V. inhibitors to prevent deterioration caused by sunlight. Lies flat for easy storage. 3 piece anodized telescopic pole and heavy duty skimmer head assembly. Extends to 9' overall length.
3 replacement spring (V) clips for pool maintenance equipment handles. Aluminum frame and durable fiberglass net for surface cleaning. 15'' x 22'' rake head size. Compact and convenient carrying case for easy storage and transport. Soft and comfortable poly vinyl chloride ear plug to keep water out while swimming. Flexible polyvinyl chloride nose arch for flexibility and durability to fit nose size. Flexible durable elastic strap to safegard against loss while swimming.
Weighted pool vacuum with vinyl bumper around entire perimeter for extra protection. 11'' wide. For use with 12' and 15' Easy Set and Metal frame pools. Easy to clean Dacron filter material. For pools and spas. Just dip test strip in your pool or spa water for one second and remove. Strip gives instant results. Tests for free chlroine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, total akalinity, hardness and stabilizer (CYA). Contains 50 strips and a 36 page Pool Owners Handbook.
Heavy duty aluminum frame with plastic rim. Fiberglass mesh bag. Aluminum handle. 19'' x 17'' rake head size. Covered weights, nylon axles and quick snap handle for quick connection to pole. Fits 1-1/2'' hose. For in-ground and vinyl liner style pools. For proper balance of your pool or spa. Single dip-and-read test strips measure salt ppm and pH levels. Includes 10 Salt test strips and 50 6-way test strips.
Use as needed to remove small particles and metals. Improves filter efficiency. Recharge and improve with Filter Aid-pure diatamoceous earth. Makes water crystal clear. Combines small particles into larger masses for easy removal by filter. Weekly maintenance application prevents spa water from having murky appearance. Cleans and clears cloudy pools fast. Easy and efficient. Features an exclusive sink to float technology. No measuring or pouring. Drop Angry Egg in and it sinks to the bottom of the pool for the deepest clean. Bubbles fizz when working. Floats to the top when done. Cleans pool from the bottom to the top and everywhere in between. Won't stain clothing.
Brushes around entire perimeter of pool. 11'' wide. Extra heavy with large see through body. Pool holds 198 gallons of water. Convenient drain plug and repair patch. 2 air chambers each with double valve intake and free-flow exhaust valve. For ages 6 and up. Flexible, spiral-wound extruded vacuum hose for in-ground and above-ground pools. Each hose has a swivel cuff and a deluxe welded cuff for kink-free operation and crush-resistance.
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