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See what's behind you without taking your eyes off the road ahead. Fully adjustable to maximize viewing area. Flexible mirror attaches to handlebars of most bicycles. Ideal for patching a bicycle tube, air mattress or other rubber inflatables. Fits easily into a pocket or frame bag. Includes patches, buffer and rubber cement. Bell has a pleasant ring tone. Easy to push handle. Fits standard bicycle handlebars.
Contains necessities for patching a bike tube plus the tools to do the job. Includes patches, buffer, rubber cement, 3 tire levers, 1 dog bone wrench and 2 valve caps. Get drivers' attention with flashing red signal. Has choice of flashing red signal or constant red light. Attaches to your seat, clothing or accessories for riding, running or walking. Use horn to warn vehicles and pedestrians of your approach. Has a distinct honk that's sure to be heard. Attaches to your handlebar for easy access.
6' long cable easily reaches where you need it. Cable is 6mm thick and covered in vinyl to prevent scratching. Heavy duty steel padlock comes with two keys. Comes with heavy duty steel combination lock so you don't have to carry a key. 6' long cable easily reaches where you need it. Cable is 6mm and covered in vinyl to prevent scratching. 8mm cable is vinyl clad for added strength and security for your bicycle. 4 digit combination lock can be reset to any number any time. Sturdy mounting bracket includes a soft inner ring to protect the bike finish.
Sturdy wheels keep beginning riders stable. Sized to fit most 16'' to 20'' bikes. Never run out of the light you need to see what's in front of you. Large white headlight and small red tail light are powered by a 6 volt, 3 watt generator. No need for batteries, every pedal powers the lights. Equipped with hardened steel shackle and precision brass lock cylinder. Covered in vinyl to prevent scratching. Includes universal carrying bracket and two keys.
6' tall safety flag with fiberglass shaft. Bracket for axle mounting included.