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Heavy duty hot dipped galvanized washer. Fits 1 5/8" outside diameter pipe. Packaged in set of 4. Reinforces inside corners.
Use to connect roll in and stationary dock sections. Reinforces and supports frame. 8" cleat with large tie off area. Mounts with two screws (Not Included).
Fits 1 5/8" outside diameter pipe. Powder coated steel reinforces dock frame corners. Hot-dipped galvanized for long life. Includes enough screws and washers to attach 3 PlayStar marine dock floats to frames. Contains twelve 3/8" x 2" lag screws and twelve 3/8" flat washers.
3" heavy duty ring. Hot dipped galvanized for long life. Hot-dipped galvanized for long life. Includes fasteners for use with PlayStar's Framing Kits, Hinge Kits, and Pipe Sleeves. Contains twelve 3/8"-16 x 3" carriage bolts, twelve 3/8" flat washers, twelve 3/8" lock washers, and twelve 3/8" nuts. Securely attaches stationary and roll in docks. Hot dipped galvanized for long life.
Hot dipped galvanized for long life.  Prevents twisting and bending. Fits 1 5/8" and 1 7/8" diameter pipe. Hot dipped galvanized for long life.  Securely ties frame together.
Easily, and securely, anchors dock pipe to bottom. One piece, heavy-duty cast iron construction securely fastens to pipe with single stainless steel nut and bolt. Hot dipped galvanized for long life. Use with No.PS1080 standard pipe sleeve. For use with 1-5/8" O.D. and 1-7/8" O.D. dock pipe. Inflatable. For use on boats. Protects all sizes of boats. Easily installs on any dock. Mount horizontally or vertically. Protects against nicks and scratches.
Holds dock in place while accommodating changing water levels. Two-Piece construction allows pipe to be left in water if dock is removed. Removable insert for various pipe sizes. For use with original wood frame floating docks. Accommodates standard 1-5/8" and 1-7/8". O.D. schedule 40 pipe. Allows modular connections for working with smaller, lighter dock sections. Connects floating sections together quickly and easily with clevis pin of male/female assembly that bolts to frame kit hole pattern or wherever desired with No.PS1135 hardware kit. Heavy-gauge, hot dipped galvanized steel for long life. Includes male clevis, female clevis, and clevis pin with clip. Fits PlayStar commercial grade and standard pipe sleeves. Easily adjusts without removal.
Builds 4' x 6' wood dock frame. Powder coated bracket ties 2' x 6' wood frame together for roll or stationary in dock sections. (Lumber and screws sold separately). Highly engineered, easy to handle design with large surface area for stability. Built to withstand damaging agents of gas, oil, salt water, and UV light. One-piece design with no seams to leak. Made of environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, automotive-grade fuel-tank, high-density polyethylene. Accessible flanges for easy mounting to frame with No.PS1145 hardware kit. Supports from 33.20 lbs. submerged to 1" to 500.00 lbs. submerged 9". Makes dock installation and removal easy. Kit contains 4 axle brackets, 2 stabilizer braces, 2 nylon axle sleeves and 2 U-Straps. Use with PlayStar dock wheels. Dock pipes required. (Purchased Separately).
Builds 4' x 10' wood dock frame. Heavy duty, hot dipped galvanized components securely ties 2' x 6' wood frame together for stationary, roll in or floating dock sections. (Lumber, screws and components sold separately) Contains everything needed to assemble a 4' x 10' aluminum dock frame. Sleek design is made with a strong tempered alloy. Lightweight and durable, each section weighs less than 200 lbs. Can be combined with Resin Dock Top for the quickest assembly. Available as stationary, roll in or floating. Support components sold separately.