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Wagner 0155206 Replacement Nap Roller Cover Wagner 0155208 Replacement Nap Roller Cover Wagner 0284068 Replacement Pad
Our specially designed roller covers make clean up fast and easy. Simply replace after project is complete. Our specially designed roller covers make clean up fast and easy. Simply replace after project is complete. Use to replace pad for the Wagner Deckmate Deck Applicator SKU#528.6083. Peels off the quick release deck pad holder.
Edge Roller 0530000 Smart Trigger Roller With Trim Tool Wagner 0530003 Smart Roller Wagner 0530004 Smart Flow Roller
Allows the ability to do trim work without taping. Tube reservoir supplies internally fed 3 inch roller (included) and holds 6 oz of paint which covers up to 96 linear feet in one fill. Thumb trigger gives precise control of paint delivery. Twist-and-Trim feature has a trim guard and 3 micro brushes. Trim guard folds away when regular rolling is required. For use with latex paint only. Use with 0530200 (Orgill SKU 189.2736) 3" roller cover. Covers approximately 70 sq ft in one fill. Trigger operated for controlled delivery. Extended reach for walls and ceilings. 9" wagner internally fed 3/8" nap roller for even finish and application. For medium sized projects. All-in-one roller and paint container. The incorporated paint tube holds enough paint to cover up to 70 sq ft in. Paint is supplied to the roller cover with the push of the power button. Powered by 4-AA batteries the Smart Flow Roller will paint up to 15 gallons on one set of batteries. Manual override feature for powered or manual use. For medium-sized painting projects or when in areas that are difficult to get to or hard to reach. For projects that require ladder use in high places or where power is not available. Extension range is 8 feet, holds 22 oz. of paint, includes 9" roller cover with 3/8" nap, 4 AA batteries included, can lid, suction tube and spatter shield.
Wagner 0530010 Smart Sidekick Paint Roller
Draws from any size container from 1 to 5 gallons, and directly feeds the roller cover for consistent application of paint to the surface for professional results. Fits all paint containers. Features 9? x 3/8? nap knit roller for smooth surfaces, 16? hose for 32? work area, extension connection to reach high places, Intake hose draws directly from can and quick release handle.