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Hyde Tools 45760 Glazier Points General Tools 8501 Glass Cutter Hyde Tools 45700 Glass Cutter
Hyde Glazier Point, Push, T-Shape Blade General Tools Glass Cutter, Ball End, Steel Body, Applicable Materials: Glass, 5 in Overall Length, For Cutting Plate Glass Of Thickness 1/8 - 1/4 in Hyde Glass Cutter, Hyde, Carbide Blade, Cast Metal Handle, For Straight and Curved Cuts in Glass and Mirrors
Plaskolite 1999999A Plastic Cutting Tool Flex-o-glaze CT12 Acrylic Cutter Mintcraft 17001 Tile/Glass Cutter
Plaskolite Cutter Tool, Acrylic Blade, Straight Edged Blade, Plastic Handle Flex-o-glaze Acrylic Cutter, Flex-o-glaze, For Fast, Accurate Cuts in Acrylic Flex-O-Glaze, Other Plastic Sheet, Vinyl Tile and Aluminum Can be used to cut tile and glass. Made of zinc alloy handle and tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
Fletcher-Terry 01-115/01ACP Gold Tip Glass Cutter Fletcher-Terry 01-128/07-CP Gold Tip Glass Cutter Fletcher-Terry 01-122/02ACP Gold Tip Glass Cutter
Fletcher-Terry Glass Cutter Gold Tip Glass Cutter, Ball End, Steel Body, Applicable Materials: Glass, For Cutting 0.75 - 1.5 mm Thick Glass Fletcher Terry         Glass Cutter, Ball End, Steel Body
Mintcraft 14300 Glazing Tools Hyde Tools 45730 Plastic Cutting Tool Fletcher-Terry 05-111 Score Mate Plastic Cutting Tool
MintCraft Glazing Tool, 2-In-1, 12 in Length, High Carbon Steel Hyde Glass Cutter, Hyde, Steel Blade, Molded Plastic Handle, Used to Scribe and Break Acrylic Plastic Sheets Fletcher Terry Cutter Tool, Disposable, Double Edged, 3 in Blade Width, 9-1/4 in Blade Length, Acrylic Plastic Handle
Midwest Fastener 21820 Glazier Points Hyde Tools 02950 Black And Silver Glazing Tools Fletcher-Terry 110000175 Glaziermaster Glazier Points
Midwest Glazier Point, Push Black & Silver Glazing Tool, Heavy Duty, Black & Silver, 1-1/4 in Blade Width, High Carbon Steel Blade, 2-in-1, Stiff Blade, Electro Coated, For Removing Old Putty and Slotted V to Apply and Smooth New Putty Glaziermaster Glazier Point, Stacked, 3/8 in Blade Width
Hillman 45000 Glazier Points Fletcher-Terry 08-711 Glazier Points Fletcher-Terry 08-511 Glazier Points
Hillman Glazier Point, 1.94 in Blade Width, 4-3/4 in Blade Length, Steel Blade, Triangle Blade, Zinc Fletcher Terry Glazier Point, Push, Triangle Blade, Zinc, NO 7 Fletcher Terry Glazier Point, Series: PushMate, PullMate, Triangle Blade, Zinc, NO 2
Fletcher-Terry 08-111 Glazier Points Fletcher-Terry 08-950 Framers/Glaziers Stacked Points Fletcher-Terry 06-112 Gold Tip Glass Pliers
Fletcher Terry Glazier Point, 3/8 in Blade Width, Diamond Blade Fletcher Terry Framer/Glazier Stacked Point, 5/8 in Blade Length Gold Tip Plier, Glass Nipping and Running, 1/4 in Thick Capacity, Interchangeable Jaw, Plastic Jaw, Contoured Handle, 8 in Overall Length, Applicable Materials: Glass, For Cut Running and break Out of Glass Up to 1/4 in Thick
Fletcher-Terry 08-211 Glazier Points Fletcher-Terry 05-712 Plastic Cutting Blade Fletcher-Terry 02-120 Glass Cutting Wheel Unit
Fletcher Terry Glazier Point, 1/2 in Blade Length, Diamond Blade Fletcher Terry Cutter Tool, Replacement, Acrylic Plastic Handle, 1/4 in Thick Fletcher-Terry Glass Cutting Wheel Unit, General Purpose, Fletcher-Terry, Suitable For Use With: F-3000, F-3100, 8400 and 7554 Cutting Machines, 8-1/2 in Diameter, Steel
Fletcher-Terry 07-500 Frame Master Glazier Point Driver
Fletcher Terry Glazier Point Driver, 5/8 in Blade Width