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Culligan OR-34A Water Filter Accessories Star Rite OK25 Replacement Filter Housing O-Ring Sta-Rite K4-M6-S06 O-ring
Use on comparable sized filter housing. For use with No.U25 Omni whole house water filter. For use with Omni whole house filters Nos.OB1, OB5, R12, and R14; and Omni under-sink water filters Nos.CBF20, SFM2, UC2. CBF1, CBF3, OT32, OB3, and RO2000. Will also fit Nos.BC1, TC3, UC2, U400. U500, U600, U700, Omni Super, and Total 2. If your unit uses blue o-ring, replaces Total Plus, Omni Regular and Omni Deluxe o-rings. Bagged.
Sta-Rite OW30-S6-S06 Tank Wrench Culligan OR-100 Water Filter Accessories Culligan 01019187 Water Filter Accessories
For use with Omnir filters Nos. CBF1, SFM2, USF1,  CBF3, USF3, SFM2, USM2, OCT2, US30, US32, RO2050, and RO2000. Carded. Use on comparable sized filter housing. Single housing bracket is a "U" shaped mounting bracket for 3/4" inlet/outlet standard whole house housings. The UB-1 mounts standard whole house water filter housings and helps support the weight of the water filter. Screws are included with the UB-1 mounting bracket for securing the water filter housing to the wall. Use with: Culligan HF-150 (883.4442) and Culligan HF-360 (306.9820) Water Filter Housings.
Culligan SW-2A Water Filter Accessories Culligan SW-1 Small Filter Housing Wrench Culligan 01019193 Water Filter Accessories
Use on comparable sized filter housing to replace filter cartridge. Use on comparable sized filter housing to replace filter cartridge. Mounting bracket for Culligan HD-950,(568.3057), heavy duty whole house sediment water filter.