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CLEANER CARPET PET 22OZ       Jelmar CSR-6 Stain Magnet Simple Green 2010000615301 Pet Stain and Odor Remover
Our Price: $6.37
Releases pet stains on contact for immediate cleaning and uses microorganisms to penetrate deeply into the carpet and padding to break down residual pet stains. Odor control. Protects against resoiling A powerful all-purpose, multi-surface stain remover that removes tough stains from a wide variety of surfaces. Use on painted walls, hardwood floors, baseboards, carpet, fabric, glass, metal, brick, concrete, marble laminated countertops, fully cured and oil-based painted surfaces, hard plastics, automobile tires, wood, grout, and fiberglass. Removes tough stains without tough chemicals. The enzyme based formula envelopes soils, loosening and lifting them away to help permanently remove stains and odors. The product penetrates deep making it ideal for carpets, upholstery, bedding and fabric. Odors are eliminated at the source, rather than just masked, discouraging resoiling and remarking. It quickly and easily removes urine, feces, dirt and more, leaving behind only a fresh, pleasant scent.
Nyco NL90330-953206 Spot and Stain Remover Nyco NL90390-953206 Pet Stain Remover
Use to remove spots and stains on carpets, rugs and upholstery. Use alone to spot clean dirt, grease, oil, food, tar and ink or as a pre-spray before deep cleaning procedures such as hot water extraction or rotary shampooing. Convenient ready to use formulation. Safe to use on stain resistant carpets and fibers. Natural bio-enzymatic cleaner removes spots, stains and odors on carpets, rugs, furniture and upholstery caused by pet accidents. Removes organic soils and eliminates odor problems from fabric and hard surfaces. Spot clean after pet accidents or use to remove stubborn stains and persistent odors. Convenient ready to use formulation. Contains no harsh chemicals, leaves the area with a fresh clean scent.