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Arm & Hammer 11448 Carpet and Room Pet Deodorizer Arm & Hammer Fridge-N-Freezer 1710 Baking Soda with Suction Cup Hang ODOR ELIMINATOR LAVNDR/VAN 8OZ
The power of baking soda and oxi clean dirt fighters absorbs odors and removes dirt from smoke, mold, and mildew. Easy pet hair pick up. Does not remove carpet stains. Leaves behind a pleasant fragrance for long lasting freshness. Eliminates odors so foods taste fresher longer. Stick in freezer, fridge or crisper. 30 days of freshness. Enclosed solid gel dissipates through vents in gray container about 5" dia. Place where needed to eliminate unwanted odors. Charcoal layer removes odors, does not mask odors, emit odors, or mask unwanted smells. Immediately begins to work once film is removed. Use in cars, boats, campers, storage rooms, bathrooms, pet areas, trash cans, diaper pails, etc. to eliminate organic odors including: pet, fish, urine, vomit, feces, garbage, beer, smoke from tobacco/wood, ammonia, mildew, all forms of decomposition, sewage, carbon dioxide, Freon, formaldehyde, ethylene, nitrogen, methyl alcohol, helium, and more. Lasts up to 6 weeks/60 days; 300-sq.ft. coverage approximately.
AIR MAGNET ODOR 14OZ          Good Air 1255461 Just Plain Clean Odor Eliminating Bead Good Air 1255464 Just Plain Fresh Odor Eliminating Bead
Solid gel that absorbs airborne odors. Through a chemical reaction, odors are converted into a non-toxic odorless compound. Odors are not masked. Powered by OXI BEADS which strengthens the gel?s ability to eliminate odors as they occur. Safe for use anywhere in your home. Counteracts odors in the air - neutralizing them on contact. Beads will leave any area smelling fresh, clean and odor free. Lasts up to 45 days. Counteracts odors in the air - neutralizing them on contact. Beads will leave any area smelling fresh, clean and odor free. Lasts up to 45 days.
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Odor absorber. Nontoxic, environmentally safe, biodegradable. For fresh clean air indoors. Absorbs pollutants and removes odors. Eliminates odors such as tobacco smoke, cooking odors, pet smells, paint fumes, cleaning solvents, wet carpets, and gasoline. Absorbs odors and provides continuous freshening for problem areas like bathrooms, closets, cars, pet areas and kid's rooms. Last 6-8 weeks in 350 sq ft area. Works quickly and continuously to keep your closet odor free. The unique container features a hook that easily hangs on closet rods, hangers or hooks. No residual liquid or spills as the gel evaporates. Provides up to 30 days of continuous odor elimination. Environmentally friendly. Non-toxic, non-flammable. No VOC?s. Fragrance free.
ODOR ASSASSIN 6OZ LEMON-LIME  Citrus Magic 618372454-6PK Triple Action Moisture and Odor Absorber Natural Magic 4010 Garbage Odor Eliminator
Eliminates offensive odors from pets, cooking, trash, bathrooms, tobacco smoke, incontinence, even musty odors. Absorbs moisture, foul odors, and freshens the air with fresh citrus fragrance. Unique packaging technology allows the odor eliminating power of Citrus Magic to go to work freshening the air and absorbing odors all while absorbing moisture in the air. Perfect for bathrooms, closets, basements, and more. Stick the discrete Natural Magic Garbage Odor Eliminator on the underside of your garbage can lid and rid yourself of annoying garbage odors. Gel goes beyond masking to permanently neutralize tough odors, replacing them with a Pure Sky scent that leaves your garbage can smelling fresh and clean for up to 60 days. Compact and versatile, this gel is great for garbage cans, litter boxes, pet cages and diaper pails.