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Quickie HomePro Professional Stovetop Brush Quickie 112 Professional Spout Brush Quickie 101 Professional Dishwash Brush
Quality polypropylene fiber for caked-on burner bibs. Comfort grip handle with hang-up feature. Nylon fiber sized to clean percolator stems and small spouts. Convenient hang hole. Dimensions: 2.75"W x .75"D x 12"H Polypropylene fiber for dishware, glassware, pots and pans. Will not scratch, comes with scraper for stubborn stuck on foods. Dishwasher-safe. Handle with convenient hang-up feature.
Quickie 126-3/72 Professional Bottle Scrubber VEGETABLE/DISH BRUSH          DISH/SINK BRUSH
Absorbent cellulene sponge holds soap and water. Multi-edge sponges reach where regular sponges cannot.  Light-duty scrubbing pads clean stuck-on food. Washes and safely scrubs even delicate surfaces. Polypropylene bristle and handle. Assorted colors. Polypropylene bristle and handle with scraper. Assorted handle colors.
Quickie 103 Professional Cookware Brush DISHWAND REACH N SCRUB        Scotch-Brite 481-7-RSC Dishwand Refill
Stainless steel and poly fibers, dishwasher-safe, will not rust. Comes with scraper for stubborn stuck-on foods. Convenient hang-up feature. Not for use on enamel or non-stick coated cookware. Spring-loaded sponge easily dispenses soap. Features a scraper on top for the really tough scrubs. Removable head allows for easy filling and tight sealing plus a contoured handle for comfort grip. Slender design and narrow sponge is perfect for deep glasses. For light duty dishwashing. Accepts refills Orgill SKU# 367.5691. Cleans tough, baked-on messes. Refill for No.650-12, (SKU) 552.0135 dish scrubber dishwand. Hang Tag.
DISHWAND REFILL               Quickie 108 Professional Bottle Brush DISHWAND REFILL SCRUB 2PK
Our Price: $3.44
Use to absorb, scrub and wipe dishes, non-stick cookware, pots & pans. Non-scratch. Pack of 2. Durable polypropylene fibers get deep down into bottles, jars and other narrow openings. Bendable twist-and-wire design.  Convenient hang up feature. Absorbent sponge with all purpose, no scratch scouring pads. Fits Quickie Orgill SKU# 367.5675. Pack of 2.
Homebasix YB33273L Dishwashing Brushes Homebasix YB33263L Dishwashing Brushes BRUSH POT/PAN W/GRIP HANDLE
White plastic with blue rubber ergonomic handle. Durable plastic block with 65 tufts of soft nylon bristles. 16 tufts of stiff nylon bristles on top of block for hards scrubbing. Rubberized, ergonomic, non-slip grip. Dishwasher safe. Handle color: Blue/White. Material : handle: TPE and PP, fiber: PP. Overmolded grip for comfortable use. Handle with hanging loop. Durable plastic block with 56 tufts of soft nylon bristles. Radial pattern bristles for maximum scrubbing area. 10 tufts of stiff nylon bristles on top of block for hard scrubbing. Dishwasher safe. For deep cleaning Pots and pans. Has a comfort grip handle that make them more comfortable to hold and handle. The tiger stripe design makes them aesthetically unique. Non-scratch cleaning.
Heavy-duty scrubbing surface for tough, baked on messes. Control the soap with dispensing pump. Use No.481-7-RSC, (SKU) 408.0891 for refill. Hang Tag. For deep cleaning pots and pans. Cleans without scratching. Control the soap with dispensing pump. Polypropylene bristles and handle. Plastic coated wire. Assorted handle colors.
Cleans baked-on food and is safe of non-stick cookware. Two-pack of refills fit soap dispensing mesh or palm body. Twist off brush for replacement. Durable nylon bristles. Scraper on backside of brush easily removes baked-on food. Bristles and scraper are safe for non-stick cookware. Use with OXO's soap dispensing dish brush, sponge, or scrub. Dishwasher safe. Nylon bristles. Plastic coated wire. Polypropylene handle. Assorted color handle.
Oxo 33191 Good Grips Vegetable Brushes Quickie HomePro Soap and Scrub Brush BRUSH BOTTLE GOOD GRIP HANDLE
The natural tampico bristles clean gently and thoroughly without bruising or scraping your vegetables. The soft, comfortable handle cushions your hand and won't slip out of your grasp, even when your hands are wet. Refillable soap dispensing system with nylon fiber scrub brush. Press top to dispense dish soap. Lightweight design for comfort. Cleans dishes, pots and pans. Long, durable neck reaches inside bottles, pitchers and carafes. Stiffer bristles clean residue from bottoms of bottles while soft bristles are gentle enough for crystal and stemware. Soft, comfortable handle is non-slip even when wet. Dishwasher safe.
POT/PAN BRUSH                 Quickie HomePro Professional Bottle Brush Quickie 121MB Professional Dishwash Brush
Brass bristles. Polypropylene handle with scrapper. Assorted handle colors. Long nylon fibers for extra reach into tight crevices and corners. Flat bottom trim design for cleaning bottles, glasses, jars, and pitchers. No-slip, comfort grip handle with hang-up feature. Treated with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection built into the brush fibers. Fights odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.?Natural nylon fibers for cleaning dishes, glasses and cookware. Scraper edge and comfort grip handle with convenient hang-up feature.
Good Grips 36481 Soap Dispensing Palm Brush DISH WAND 2-IN-1              SCRUB DISH SOAP DISPENSING GG
Our Price: $7.84
Simply press the pump to release soap when you want it. Sturdy nylon bristles make scouring pots and scrubbing pans easier, and the soft cap cushions your hand while you scrub. Easily fill the Soap Pump Palm Brush with soap by unscrewing the cap. Safe for use on non-stick cookware. Dishwasher safe. Not recommended for use in microwave. Dispenses soap for cleaning dishes, pots and pans. Includes removable detailing tool for cleaning tight spaces. Dual-fiber bristles both loosen dirt and push it away. Antimicrobial treatment makes the brush odor-resistant. Squirts soap with the light push of a button. Durable antibacterial sponge with scrub. Scraper on backside of scrub removes baked-on food. Scrub and scraper are safe for non-stick cookware. Soft, comfortable non-slip grip. Accommodates brush, sponge and scrub refills.
Good Grips 1067529/1044288 Soap Squirting Dish Brush CLEANING SET WATER BOTTLE 3PC BRUSH SOAP DISPENSING
Protect your hands from harsh soap and water. This long soap brush features a replaceable scrub on one end, and a soft, cushioned handle on the other. To refill the Good Grips Antibacterial Soap Dispensing Scrub Brush, simply turn the scrub head to add liquid detergent. When it's time for a new scrub, simply turn the scrub head to replace it. Set includes long bottle brush, straw brush and detail cleaner. Use long bottle brush for cleaning the inside of bottles with narrow necks. Use long straw brush for getting inside sports bottle straws. Use detail cleaner for crevices in caps. Tools store together on ring and are easy to remove. Bristles made of durable nylon to keep their shape. Short, firm bristles thoroughly clean bottom of bottles. Soft side bristles clean bottle walls without scratching. Soft, comfortable, non-slip handles. Soft, non-slip handled pump for dispensing detergent. Nylon bristles safe for non-stick surfaces. Easy to refill. Dishwasher safe.
Quickie 124 Professional Cookware Brush
Crimped nylon fiber brush for non-stick cookware. Comes with scraper for stubborn stuck on foods. Built-in detail brush for cracks and crevices. Handle with no-slip comfort grip and hang-up feature.