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ICE SCRAPER WELDED            SCRAPER FORGD HEAD WD HDL 48IN UnionTools 81106 Forged Ice Chisel
Vulcan 33242 Scraper
Our Price: $22.63
For chopping through heavy ice build-up and edging perfect beds, to scraping shingles and other materials from flat surfaces. Black head. Union Tools Forged Ice Chisel, Union Tools, 3-3/4 in Blade Width, 6 in Blade Length, Forged Steel Blade, Socket Blade Point Style, Narrow Blade, 48 in Handle Length, Ashwood Handle
Bully/QPI 92200 Ice Chopper Link Handle Professional 49030 Sidewalk/Ice Scraper Razor Back 78202 Sidewalk Scraper
Bully Tools Ice Chopper, Bully Tools, 6 in Blade Width, 7 in Blade Length, 11 ga Blade Thickness, Straight Long Handle, 50 in Handle Length, Steel Handle Link Handle Sidewalk/Ice Scraper, Heavy Duty, Link Handle, Series: Professional, 7 in Blade Width, 5 in Blade Length, 12 ga Blade Thickness, Steel Blade, Riveted Blade, Contoured Handle, 48 in Handle Length, Hardwood Handle, For Chipping and Breaking Ice on Walks and Drives as Well as General Clean Up on Construction Sites and Farms Razor Back Sidewalk Scraper, Razor Back, 6 in Blade Width, 7 in Blade Length, Forged Steel Blade, North American Handle, 54 in Handle Length, Wood Handle, White Handle, Used to Remove Roofing, Siding And Flooring or to Chop and Remove Roots or Other Garden Debris
SCRAPR SFTY FRGD BLD FG HDL 7 UnionTools 83109/BS24 Tough Duty Barn Scraper
Forged 7" black head. 51" fiberglass handle with Pro Grip comfort grip. Safety green color with 3M retro-reflective tape. Weighs 3.4 lbs. Dimensions: 7"W x 59"L x 2.5"H. Union Tools Barn Scraper, Tough Duty, Union Tools, 24 in Blade Width, 6 in Blade Length, 14 ga Blade Thickness, High Carbon Steel Blade, Reversible Blade, North American Handle, 60 in Handle Length, Hardwood Handle, Lacquered/White Handle, For Scraping Barn and Concrete Floors