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Ev-N-Spred 2050TP Behind Tow Broadcast Spreader SPREADER BROADCAST TOW 110LB  Smart Spreader 45-0463 Professional Tow Spreader
Now equipped with exclusive SideSpred Control that allows for spread to be shut off on left allowing for precise control. Designed for use with full size garden tractors. 100 lb. load bearing capacity chassis, commercial gearbox. Rate setting control high on handle for easy adjustment. Large 10" pneumatic wheels. High volume 80lb. hopper. 110 lb capacity covers about 17,500 sq ft depending on material used and speed of application. Maneuverable pneumatic tires let you go anywhere to get the job completely done. Durable, rust-proof poly hopper and spreader plate increases product life. Dimensions: 26"L x 25"W. Professional style, easy set controls for precise application. Extra-large hopper to finish projects faster. Enclosed commercial grade gearbox for smooth rolling and easy maintenance. 25,000 sq. ft. coverage. Large pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability. Universal hitch fits most lawn tractors, regardless of brands. Fast and easy assembly. Convenient handle for quick on/off. Alloy beveled gear for durability.
Agri-Fab 45-0288 Drop Tow Behind Spreader Earthway M20 Broadcast Spreader Agri-Fab 45-0329 ATV Tow Behind Spreader
175 lb. capacity provides 40,000 sq. ft. coverage. Poly hopper resist corrosion. 42" controlled spread width and 52" O.A. width. 3/4" diameter axle. 14" x 4 pneumatic tires for smooth operation. Spreader setting recommendations for multiple materials included. High volume 1,900 cu. in. 80 lb. capacity poly hopper. Easy quick-connect horizontal mount system. Sealed 12 volt motor mounted in the hopper for long life. Fits most ATV's. Powder coated chassis. Mounts to the front or rear luggage rack.  Lever and gauge mounts to either side depending on mounting front or rear. Wiring harness with on/off switch included. Spreads seed & feed and fertilizer. Poly hopper with heat-treated steel gear drive. Enclosed Gearbox. 10' to 12' spread width. 175 lb. capacity covers approximately 40,000 sq.ft.; 15" x 6" pneumatic turf tires with ball bearings.
Applies grass seed, fertilizer and all other types of granular lawn and garden products with ease and efficiency. Super-duty gearbox for long life. Height adjustable hitch to adapt to all types of garden tractors. Rust-proof poly construction. 13" diameter turf tires on rust-proof poly rims.