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POWER SOURCE 400PA W/LED LIGHT POWER SOURCE 750PA 12V DC USB Speedway 7226 4-in-1 Power Station Jump Starter
Built-in charger for automatic charging of internal battery. Battery status LEDs indicate when battery is charged or needs charging. Sure-grip clamps fit both top and side mount batteries. Cables stay flexible in cold weather. 12 volt accessory outlet. Maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid battery allows storage in any position. 116 cold cranking amps. 99 cranking amps for 30 seconds. 185 cranking amps for 5 seconds. 400 peak amps. Sealed lead-acid AGM battery. 750 peak amps, power for jump starting vehicles in emergencies. Built-in light, energy-efficient ultra-bright LEDs. LED indicators for internal battery status. Hook-up safeguard alarm, sounds if clamps are improperly connected to battery. 8-gauge cables with spark-resistant clamps that fit both top- and side-post batteries. Swivel AC plug, energy-efficient eco charger for internal battery. On/off switches for jump starter/USB and light. 2A USB port, 2X faster charging for all USB devices, including smartphones and tablets. 12V DC power outlet. Works with any device powered or charged by 12V or USB power ports. 9 amp hours, 750 peak amps. Rating agency:  ETL Intertek. Contents: Schumacher XPF750 with cables and built-in light, owners manual. Rechargeable 17 amp sealed lead acid battery. Cigarette lighter plug output for running DC appliances with 12 volt DC supply. Provides up to 50 hours of use. Battery test switch, color coded battery meter. 260 PSI built-in air compressor serves as an immediate air supply. On off switch and pressure gauge for compressor on back of unit. 3.6 watt built in light. ABS hi- impact body with an oversized carry handle. 4 AWG booster cables with 400 amp clamps. 400 crank amps, 900 peak amps. With overload protection. Includes AC-DC power cord, 26" air compressor cord, 120 volt adapter, ball inflating needle and 2 raft tips.
Speedway 52036 7-in-1 Emergency Power Station Jump Starter POWER SOURCE 1200PA AC/12VDC
Compact design with cooling fan. Pull cranking generator for recharging. 12 volt, 8Ah, non spillable sealed lead acid battery. Inflator with clip style air chuck, 260 maximum PSI. Jump starter with heavily insulated cables and clamps plus a reverse polarity alarm. Jumper cables are 24" each, 8 gauge. LED light, emergency flasher function. 12 volt power outlet. Standard USB "A" connector. Overload, thermal overload and short circuit protection. Battery level indicator, AC/DC chargers included. Start a car with a discharged battery. Built-in high-pressure air compressor. USB port, built-in 400 watt power inverter for 120V AC household power. Built-in inflator/deflator. On/off switch for jump start and USB modes. Wall charger for automatic charging of internal battery. Digital display shows battery status. Sure-grip clamps fit both top- and side-mount batteries. Cables stay flexible in cold weather. 12 volt accessory outlet. Maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid battery allows storage in any position. 185 cold cranking amps, 30 seconds 255 cranking amps, 1200 peak amps. 150 PSI air compressor. Inflator/deflator hose included.