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Irwin 213104 Dovetail/Detail Saw ProTouch 2014450 Dovetail/Jamb Saw DeWalt DWHT20541 Flush Cut Pull Saw
Used to flush cut dowels or fine detail cut such as work around windows and door frames. Pull stroke action eliminates binding and facilitates a straight cut. Induction hardened teeth stay sharp longer; quick release button for blade replacement. Wide body reversible flush cut blade used to flush cut door jambs and millwork for tile installation/prep. Spring loaded pin enables blade to reverse for left or right cutting. Ergonomic ProTouch handle. A specialized type of hand saw that features flexible blades that allow it to lay flat on a surface while cutting without damage to the surface below; classic flush cut design that cuts on the pull stroke so it can cut quickly while leaving a clean edge free of chips and burrs; the blade is double-sided so one can cut from either the left or right side of the material and the comfortable handle design will offer all the control one needs to cut once every time.
FatMax 20-331 Mini Flush Cut Pull Saw FatMax 15-252K Back Saw Irwin 213101 Hand Saw
Double sided blade cuts from the left or the right, 23-point tooth geometry cuts quickly and cleanly on the pull stroke. Flexible blade for flush cutting plugs and dowels or for trimming through tenon or lap joints and ergonomic cushion grip handle. Extra wide blade  3" for fine woodworking used for precise cutting of dovetails, small joints and cutoff; steel back prevents bowing for true straight cuts. Spring-loaded pin allows blade to reverse quickly for left or right cutting, reversible handle with ergonomic cushion grip. Flexible blade for flush cut with  ProTouch grip.  For use in cross and rip cuts, exterior trim carpenter/cutting the overhang of gable soffit.
Irwin 213103 Double Edge Saw Vaughan & Bushnell BS250D Double Edge Hand Saw
Used for utility ripping and cross cutting when flush cutting, door shims, remodeling or cleanout of door casing prior to laying new floor tile. Induction hardened teeth retains sharpness. Cuts on pull stroke for easier sawing. Extra fine crosscut, medium to fine rip cut with thin, spring steel blades which are durable and rust resistant. Ground and impulse hardened tri edged teeth are razor sharp to cut cleanly and accurately. Saws have blade guards to protect teeth when not in use and can be quickly disassembled for convenient toolbox storage.