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Razor 66-0341 Notch Utility Knife Blade Stanley 1992 11-921 Precision-Honed Edged Utility Knife Blade Sheffield 12851 Midget Utility Knife Blade
Blades are precision made of heavy gauge, .025", high carbon steel and can be used in all standard utility knives. Standard  heavy duty, high carbon steel blades. Precision-honed edge for consistent and extended cutting life. Fits most standard utility knives. Blades are .024". Five blades made of finest cutlery steel. Fits Sheffield 12116, (460.0748) and all midget utility knives.
BLADE UTILITY GENERAL PRPS 5PC Stanley 11-911 Regular Duty Utility Knife Blade Wiss RWK14V  Utility Knife Blades
Micro carbide dispersed metal delivers up to 3X longer life than standard carbon blades; precision grind process removes the burr from cutting edge for cleaner cuts; optimized grind angles deliver improved sharpness for less repeat cuts. Made in the USA. Regular duty utility blade for light sheet materials, paper and cardboard; includes five 2 "x .17" blades. For industrial, professional and DIYer applications. High quality manufactured steel. Designed to fit Wiss brand utility knives and most standard utility knives.  0.025" blade thickness.
Hyde 42036 Snap-Off Economy Utility Knife Hyde 42100 5-Piece Utility Knife Blade American Safety Razor 66-0378  Utility Knife Blades
Retractable blade with two piece positive lock; built in blade breaker; includes one blade. Heavy duty blades fits most utility knives. Five .025" thick blades. High carbon steel. Fits all standard breakaway or snap-off 13 point, 9mm knives.
Stanley Tools 11-700 Fatmax Utility Knife Blades Irwin 1764983 Utility Knife Blade Quick-Point 11-300 Utility Knife Blade
Sharpest, strongest, longest lasting utility blade ever; 75 percent longer life; 35 percent sharper; 20 percent stronger. High carbon steel blades; snaps on the score for sharp tip. No. 11-300: fits No.10-150 and most other 3-1/2", 9mm snap-off blade knives. No 11-301: fits Nos.10-218, 10-480, 10-380, 10-280, 10-220, 10-418, 10-151 and most other 4-1/2", 18mm snap-off blade knives.
Hyde Tools 42005  Carton Cutters Stanley 11-987 Round Point Utility Knife Blade Stanley 11-937 Standard Utility Knife Blade
Cuts corrugated cardboard, paper and wallcovering. Metal frame construction, holds single edge razor blade; blade retracts for safety. Includes (1) blade. No tools needed to change blade. Round point reduces risk of accidental cuts and reduces damage to interior contents when cutting open cartons. Fits most standard utility knives. Five blades 1-7/8'' x .025''. Three 2-7/16" x .024" blades; edge is engineered to easily cut abrasive material such as drywall, ceiling tile, wallboard. S3 Technology double hardens the blade edge for increased cutting life. Drywall callout is laser etched on blade to prevent mixing with standard blades
Irwin 2084100 Bi-Metal Welded Standard Utility Knife Blade American Safety Razor 66-0372  Utility Knife Blades Irwin Industrial 2088100  Utility Knife Blades
Blades are Bi-Metal technology with a high speed steel cutting edge that stays sharp longer. Fits most standard utility knives and are flexible to last longer. High carbon knife steel blades; 8 point snap off; fits all standard 18 mm, heavy duty snap-off knives. Five bi-metal blades with high speed steel cutting edge; spring steel body prevents breaking; blunted ends inhibit puncture wounds; speed tip penetrates easily; fits utility knife sku #: 866.1902.
Gator 6050 Pocket Sharpening Stone Lenox 20350GOLD5C Bi-Metal Utility Knife Blade Stanley 11-411 Hobby Utility Knife Blade
Sharpens knives and tools. High speed steel edge with titanium coating. Bi-metal construction allows blades to bend and flex without breaking. Four notch system allows blade to extend further. Cuts the toughest materials. For fine angle cutting. Fits 10-401(679.4051)  and most knife handles.
Stanley 1991 11-931 Standard Extra Utility Knife Blade Quick-Point 11-301 Replacement Single Hole Utility Knife Blade Stanley 11-525 Double Edged Standard Utility Knife Blade
For fixed blade knife only;  five, 2-7/16 x .035 , heavy duty blades used to cut thick, dense sheet materials. No. 11-300: fits No.10-150 and most other 3-1/2", 9mm snap-off blade knives. No 11-301: fits Nos.10-218, 10-480, 10-380, 10-280, 10-220, 10-418, 10-151 and most other 4-1/2", 18mm snap-off blade knives. Five 2-1/4" high carbon steel blade with double cutting edge; fits Stanley and most other carpet knives.
Stanley Tools 11-718 Fatmax Utility Knife Blades Hyde 42047 Snap-Off Economy Utility Knife Elmers X211 Xacto Hobby Knife Blades
Blade is 50 percent stronger and 80 percent longer; 18mm long with 8 cutting points. Retractable blade with two piece positive lock, built-in blade breaker with pocket clip; includes one blade. Used to make the most detailed and meticulous cuts in a variety of materials such as paper, plastic and soft woods; made with quality sharpened carbon. Fits type A handle.
Elmers X202 Xacto Hobby Knife Blades Xcelite XNB103  Hobby Knife Blades Wiss RWK16V Replacement Utility Knife Blade
Large No. 2 blade with a fine point cuts through a variety of medium density materials such as cardboard, plastic, most papers, hard and soft wood, rubber, foam or vinyl. Blades fit most X-acto knife models. Used for most detailed cutting and stripping. Blades interchangeable with other similar knives; packed in transparent plastic containers.  Fits handle Xn-100 (622.2525) Five blades precision ground and heat treated for durability with a thickness of 0.025".
Irwin 2087100 Hooked Point Utility Knife Blade Quick-Point 10-150 Utility Knife Mintcraft JL-BD-123L  Carpet Knife Blades
Carbon construction blade that works with all Irwin utility knives. Hooked point protects surface underneath cut. Light-duty, retractable knife with Quick-Point snap-off blades. Blade sections snap off providing fresh, sharp cutting points. Removable blade snapper included in cap of knife and pocket clip; includes one blade. Five SK5 Alloy steel blades with a thickness of 0.024"/ 0.6mm; use with Mintcraft knife sku# 702.3419
Stanley Tools 11-040  Pocket Knife Blades Stanley Tools 11-041  Pocket Knife Blades Xcelite XN100  Hobby Knives
Made from cutlery stainless steel. Performs most any cutting job. For No. 10-049, (sku# 692.2249)  pocket knives. Made from cutlery stainless steel. Performs most any cutting job. For No. 10-049, (sku# 692.2249)  pocket knives. Precision made for cutting on paper, soft and lightweight materials or wood. Interchangeable blades held firm in sure-locking four jaw chuck. Stay sharp blades made of surgical steel and honed for closest cutting and long lasting edge. XNB-103 replacement blade.
Surform 21-515 Curved Shaver Blade BLADES UTILITY CARBIDE 5PK    Stanley 299 10-299 Interlock Utility Knife
Curved blade speeds up stock removal. Works on the pull stroke. Fits: sku # 610.8419. Stays 10 times sharper than traditional utility blades. The steel body helps to prevent breaking of the blade. Interlocking nose for safety, contoured handle with slip-resistant grip, blade storage in handle. Includes one utility blade.
Nicholson 21832N Mill File Homeowners 10-175 Utility Knife 6 in L Nicholson 21474 File Handle
Rectangular shape, single cut on sides and edges, 2 square edges, all sizes taper slightly in width. Used for sharpening mill or circular saws or draw-filing and finishing metals. Lightweight, economical utility knife with three positions; retractable blade and interlocking overlap nose secures blade safely between knife halves; use replacement blades (sku #s: 050.0777 or 050.0603). Interchangeable cushion inserts designed to fit most popular files. Handle made of strong high impact material. Contoured to fit hand for straight, lathe and draw filing. Non-slip textured finish for easier grip. Includes: 4 Inserts.
Hyde Tools 42330  Utility Knife Blades Razor 66-0395 Auto-Lock Slider Lock Utility Knife KNIFE FLOOR HI-CARB 10.15 INCH
Five 18mm replacement blades for Hyde; 42028, 42030, 42047, 42055 and most other knives requiring 18 mm blades; 8 sharp points per blade. Autolock slider locks blade instantly for safety and convenience. Tough ABS body is contoured to fit the hand with ergonomic handle. Cuts soft and hard core vinyl or floor covering. Long point blade is made of sharpened and black finished high carbon steel. Knife has a non-slip, comfort hardwood handle.
Classic 99 10-099 Utility Knife 6 in L Stanley Tools 10-401  Hobby Knives Apex 21866N Slim Taper Saw File
Interlocking nose to hold blade securely, three position, retractable blade, blade storage in handle. Includes: (3) three heavy duty blades; use replacement blades (sku 050.0603.) Strong, lightweight aluminum body with positive metal barrel blade lock. Works with standard hobby and craft blades, use for home, office, studio, or workshop. Made for filing saws with 60 degree angle teeth. Triangular shape, edges set and cut for filing gullets between saw teeth, tapers slightly towards the point.
Stanley 1996 11-983 2-Ended Hook Utility Knife Blade Elmers X3601 Xacto Hobby Knives General Tools 1901 Light Duty Precision Hobby Knife
Deeper hook pattern for industrial or home use; blade can be used to cut thicker materials like roofing. Fits all Stanley utility knives. No. 1 precision knife is built with a carbon steel blade for a reliable precision cutting, trimming, and stripping every time. The sleek design fits comfortably in the hand, allowing you to continue making the precision cuts needed to finish the job. Includes #11 classic fine point blade. This knife handle also works with No. 10,12, 16, and 17 blades. Ideal for making fine or angle cuts in wallpaper, cardboard and other light materials. Use replacement blade 1922 (sku #: 6008346)
Surform 21-398 Fine Cut File Blade Gator 6063 Sharpening Stone Hyde 42045 Auto-Lock Utility Knife With 1-Piece Positive Lock
Produces a fine finish on hard woods, end grains and soft metals. Fits: sku # 653.9068 . Combination stone for tool sharpening with coarse grit on one side, fine grit on the other. Made from industrial quality silicon carbide. Use dry, with water or oil for finer finishes. 13 Sharp points per blade. Retractable blade with one piece positive lock; stainless steel blade track; built-in blade breaker; includes: 3 blades (2 blades stored in handle). Blue high impact polystyrene. Applications: cut cardboard, foil, paper and wallcovering.
Wiss WK8V Utility Knife Stanley Tools 10-509  Flooring and Roofing Knives Link Handle 30571-00  File Handles
Easy run slide uses standard replacement blades; metal case painted red for easy visibility: Includes: (3) three blades. Blade is made of taper ground cutlery steel and is permanently fastened to handle. Used for cutting and trimming vinyl or linoleum floor covering, roofing and similar material.. Selected hardwood heavy steel ferrule. Specially tempered steel die adjusts itself to and firmly grips tang of any shape. Screws on, cutting its own threads in the process.
Apex 21873N/21873 Extra Slim Taper Saw File KNIFE UTILITY QUICK SLIDE     Stanley Tools DWHT10037  Utility Knives
Made for filing saws with 60 degree angle teeth. Triangular shape, edges set and cut for filing gullets between saw teeth, tapers slightly towards the point. Lightweight and convenient. Its slim, compact design is comfortable and easy to use. With die-cast body with soft grips, smooth slide operation, easy blade change and integrated carbiner, this is an indispensable tool for your toolbox, shop cabinet, workbench, tool belt or kitchen junk drawer. All metal body that is heavy-duty and rust resistant; a narrow body for maneuverability and easy storage. This product also has an integrated blade snapper for easy blade snapping and a ribbed handle for grip and control.
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